Welcome to ScareTronix™!

Many Home Haunters and Halloween Hobbyists share one common struggle… how to bring their Halloween display to life, easily and affordably.  The team at ScareTronix™ has focused on designing technology products to help Home Haunters and Halloween Hobbyists with their scare projects.  ScareTronix™ is working to provide automation controls to fit all of your needs.

ScareTronix™ believes that simpler is better, so we are working to build prop controllers that can be easily programmed using our programming tool without programming knowledge.  If you prefer to have controllers that don’t require programming and run on simple triggers and timers, we have those too.  Either set of products will give you the tools you need to get started on your project.

ScareTronix™ doesn’t stop at tools to create ghostly environments.  The team behind ScareTronix™ consists of several seasoned Paranormal Investigators.  Knowing how difficult it is to carry several tools and meters as well as monitor several environments for extended periods of time they set out to design a line of tools designed specifically for Paranormal Investigators to use during their investigations.  These tools are designed to help the investigators monitor environmental changes in several locations for extended periods of time without the need for computers and running cables on location.

These environmental data loggers are currently under development in the ScareTronix™ labs.  Keep an eye on the ScareTronix™ website and product pages for news and information as these products come to market.